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From students to instructors, our alumni have great things to say about their success.

Working at SAA as an instructor was very valuable for me in many ways. I was able to continue to build hours, teach career pilots the fundamentals of flying, and at the same time grow into the professional commercial pilot I am today. It's such a great feeling to be able to teach students your passion and years later to hear about them flying with a commercial airline.

SAA enabled me to accomplish many of these goals. I often think back to the senior leadership, many of whom are still working at SAA, and how much respect I have for them. They gave me a solid foundation of resources to tap and in turn I was able to instruct at such a high level. 


Matthew Hennigan

First Officer, CRJ

Air Wisconsin Airine Corporation

If you are looking to begin a career in aviation, start here. My career began with SAA. I was a green flight instructor with only a few hundred hours under my belt when I was hired by SAA. The first thing that stood out to me was the level of quality compared to anything else I had ever experienced in aviation. I graduated from a large, “high quality”, high-priced flight school that gave me a great general education. However, I did not learn about aviation until I joined SAA. The structured training environment, high level of knowledge and expertise of the people I worked with, and the excellent aircraft maintenance programs are what set SAA apart from everyone else. In my short time working with SAA I learned leadership, airmanship, adherence to regulations, and most importantly respect. Aviation is a privilege, and because of SAA I now have the privilege of working in my dream job as a corporate pilot.

Thank you again SAA,


Alejandro Silva

Former FAA Assistant Chief

Airlines across the globe hire SAA alumni, thanks to our experience in both FAA and EASA training.

I had lots of fun, and at the same time, SAA offered me very professional training to reach my career goal.  Thank you SAA!


Clyde Liang

First Officer, Boeing 787

China Southern Airlines


Becoming a pilot has always been a life-long dream of mine. When I decided to start my training, I wanted a school that provided professional training, enthusiastic instructors and an inspiring training environment. SAA provided me with all that and much more. Today I work as a first officer at Braathens Regional, flying the SAAB 2000. My time at SAA was an amazing and fun experience, which provided me with all the knowledge and skills needed, and amazing memories for life.


Andreas Davidsson

First Officer, Saab 2000

Braathens Regional Airlines

When I look back at my time at SAA, I see a great, fun time, with lots of challenges and great training.  I joined SAA to be able to get all the standards and professionalism of an airline pilot, with high quality training and instructors, by using and referring to standard operating procedures and flying in some of the busiest airspace in the world.  SAA gave me all the skills and knowledge I needed.  The school is international - you get to fly, talk, and spend time with people from the USA, Asia, Europe, and more.  It's a multicultural school that helps you to easily adapt to an international environment.


I finally accomplished my dream and now I fly in Europe for Volotea as a First Officer on a Boeing 717.  I want to thank SAA again for the great time I spent in SoCal and all the fantastic memories!


Alexandre Cougnaud

First Officer, Boeing 717

Volotea Airlines

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