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SAA's Path to the Flight Deck






















If you want to fly for an airline, SAA is here to point the way to your goal.


With SAA, you can start with no experience and become a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in as little as 15 months.  SAA will make a conditional offer of employment to hire you to instruct with us, and guarantee an interview with several leading regional airlines.  After a couple years of flight instructing with SAA, you will have the flight experience required to become an airline first officer.



























1. Meets eligibility requirements for a restricted ATP - former military pilot

2. Meets eligibility requirements for a restricted ATP - 4 year aviation degree

3. Meets eligibility requirements for a restricted ATP - 2 year aviation degree

4. Meets eligibility requirements for ATP



The journey to the right seat of a regional airline looks long and confusing.  SAA is here to help you navigate your way to become an airline-ready pilot with 1500 hours of experience:


We reccomend starting with the Professional Pilot Program - Single and Multi Engine.  The program begins with a private pilot certificate, the foundation for the rest of your training.  You will learn how to fly the airplane competently and safely by yourself in day and night conditions.


After the private you will begin instrument and commercial training. This will give you the skills that you need to fly in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), or “in the clouds.” Upon completion of the instrument and commercial training, you will have a little more than 200 hours of flight time under your belt, and you will be eligible to earn money as a commercial pilot in both single and multiengine airplanes.


With these certificates obtained, the quickest way to build time while getting paid is to become a Certified Fight Instructor.  You can do this with a stand-alone Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane rating, or get all your ratings as a package through our Flight Instructor Academy.  With the Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane certificate, you will begin your professional pilot career by instructing private and commercial students.  SAA will extend a conditional offer of employment to you.  When you join our team, you will be paid to timebuild!


The Flight Instructor Academy will provide additional instructor certificates to increase the complexity of your instruction and hours-building ability.  The Certified Flight Instructor- Instrument will prepare you to instruct students in IMC and further sharpen your skills as an instrument pilot.  The Certified Flight Instructor- Multi engine certificate will allow you to instruct students in multi-engine airplanes.  Upon completion, you will begin instructing multi-engine students and gain valuable multi-engine flight time.


SAA's programs are built to accomodate a student from the beginning of this process to the end.  If you are somewhere between steps, all the better!  We're happy to accomodate students in all stages of training.


Wtih the hours built throughout this process, you will be ready for your professional pilot career.    With the regional airline partnerships that we have built, you can be guaranteed an interview with several of the nation's top carriers simply due to the reputation that SAA and our graduates have built.

Your journey begins with a single click, so don't wait!  Join the SAA team today!

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