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Envoy Airlines, offering regional service for American Airlines, has taken the unprecedented step of teaming with SAA to employ SAA cadets and instructors while building time toward 1500-hour hiring minimums.


Program Details:

  • Guaranteed Interview by Envoy Airlines

  • Offer of employment extended to successful candidates during training

  • Instruct with SAA while time building as a paid employee of Envoy - approximately 2 years.  Enjoy travel privilages on the AAG network.  Receive up to $10,000 tuition reimbursement after completion of training.

  • Report to Envoy Airlines for your new job as a first officer.




1) Hold a First Class Medical Certificate

2) Pass any background checks and drug testing required by FAA, Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, Envoy Air or any governmental department, administration, or agency.

3) Acquire minimum hours required for First Officers, and;

4) Complete FAA Part 121 ATP written test.


Steps to Enroll:

1) Contact SAA to learn more.  We can provide guidance through the process.

2) Complete an application at

3) Send an e-mail with your resume to

4) Successfully complete interview at Envoy headquarters in Irving, Texas (transportation is provided).

5) Successfully complete interview at SAA


Download a brochure






Instructor Spotlight:  Will Lowery


Will was welcomed into the Envoy Pipeline Program in 2014. he trained with us at SAA, and is currently an instructor here in sunny San Diego.




















"I enjoy instructing students as they progress in the world of aviation, while building hours for my own progression!  Being at SAA is like being part of a family, where you know everyone and communication is good."  


As an instructor, Will communicates his timebuilding progress with Envoy regularly, so they can project the date he will report for duty in his new airline job.  Will is on track to attain his hours minimums in October of 2015, and will begin his standardization and type rating at Envoy shortly after.

Your journey begins with a single click.  Contact us today.

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