SAA uses a high-quality fleet that is maintained in-house according to our rigorous quality and safety standards.  From zero time to ATP, our airplanes are ready to deliver a safe, rewarding training experience.

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is our backbone, and for good reason - the 172 is the most widely used aircraft for flight training.  The 172 uses a single-engine, high-wing configuration, with a fixed-pitch propeller and a four-person seating capacity. They are certified for day, night, VFR, and IFR flight.  All of our 172's undergo our rigerous maintenance program every 50 hours.  We have both traditional instrumentation, as well as state-of-the-art G1000 glass cockpit-equipped models in our fleet.


When it's time to start flying complex airplanes, you'll want to step into the Cessna 172 RG - also known as the Cutlass.  They contain a good deal of commonality with the traditional Cessna 172, so your transition to complex aircraft can be done as efficiently as possible. Our Cessna 172 RGs contain the classic, round-dial cockpit configuration.

The Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess is a twin-engine aircraft with two 180 horsepower engines, a low wing configuration, constant speed propellers, retractable landing gear and a four person seating capacity. The BE-76 is used for all multi-engine training at SAA.

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