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International student enrollment

Click on the image above to download the application form.

Complete the enrollment application

∎ Download the application form by clicking on the form above.
∎ Scan and e-mail your completed application to

Submit a $200 registration fee to the Academy
∎ Please contact our admissions department for wire transfer instructions. This fee is non-refundable.

Provide the Academy with a copy of
∎ An FAA 1st or 2nd Class Medical Certificate. To obtain a Medical Certificate please visit to find an approved doctor in your area. If you are unable to obtain an FAA Medical Certificate, you can complete this upon arrival at SAA. If for any reason you are unable to pass the FAA medical exam, your visa will be cancelled and you will need to return to your home country.
∎ Your High School Diploma or equivalent. (This must be translated into English).
∎ A valid passport. (This must be legible and include your picture and pages showing validity).
Note: International students must also obtain an I-20 and either an M-1 or F-1 Visa. Contact SAA for further information.


Become familiar with the Visa process

In order to train in the United States, a Visa is required.  Once we have received all application materials and fees, our admissions representative with guide you through the Visa process.  To learn more about this process, please go to our primer on the Visa process here.





Submit proof of English competency
We will accept one the following official language test scores:
∎ a minimum score of 80 on the Internet Based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
∎ a minimum score of 780 or higher on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC).
∎ a minimum score of 7.0 or higher on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Obtain Health Insurance
In order to maintain your visa status, you are required to hold health insurance coverage with specific limits and coverage. SAA can help arrange coverage for you. However, if you currently have health insurance that you feel would meet these requirements, please contact our Admissions Department.

Register with the TSA
You can register with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) at SAA can also assist you with this process.

Provide proof of funding
Provide one of the following:
 Affidavit of support from your bank
 A bank statement
Note: Proof of funding must show that you are able to support the total cost of course(s), books, pilot supplies, health insurance, housing and living expenses estimated for the duration of your visa.

Contact the Academy
If you have questions about how to enroll in flight training at SAA, please e-mail our Admissions Department here or call +1 (619) 631-0323.
Note: International students must submit all required materials to the Academy at least 30 days prior to the class start date. All applicants must be at least 17 years old.










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