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Quality & Safety

Quality at SAA
SAA International works with a Total Quality Management concept for continuous improvements to achieve high customer satisfaction with an increased profitability, competent and motivated staff and fulfilling the requirements of regulatory authorities.

SAA Safety Policy
Flight Safety shall have the highest priority within our training operations and shall be maintained with all relevant personnel involved. This standard shall be achieved by the evaluation of relevant information from the Quality Assurance system including Occurrence Reports and Audit Reports.
∎ All levels of management will be clearly committed to safety.
∎ We will have open safety communications.
∎ We will provide the necessary training to build and maintain meaningful safety leadership skills.
∎ The safety of our employees, customers and suppliers will be a company strategic issue.
∎ Every employee is obligated to build up the safety culture by performing his or hers duties according to the set procedures, recognizing the risks involved and reporting occurrences as instructed.

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