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The EASA Professional Pilot Program takes you from your first hour of flight to first officer competence.

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About SAA International


SAA International has trained more than 1000 airline pilots to international airlines all over the world. Our academy is located at an excellent location in San Diego, CA USA.


We provide professional flight training to a broad range of candidates. All the way from ab-initio training pilot training to more advanced levels of training.


Professional Pilot program


The EASA ATP Integrated Program is taking students with little or no flying experience to the beginning of their airline pilot career in only 18 months. Upon completion of the course the cadet will be a holder of EASA frozen ATPL. This allows the cadet to start their career as a First Officer at a major airline.


Step 1


Assessment and enrollment

Complete aptitude test at an approved test location


Step 2


Distance training via online portal Distance Learning System (DLS)

1 month


Step 3


Theoretical and practical flight training.

Single engine airplane flying

12 months in San Diego, CA


Step 4


Advanced flight training

35 hours of Boeing 737 training device time

Multi engine airplane flying (DA42)

4 months in Västerås, Sweden


Step 5


Multi pilot flight training

Multi crew cooperation course and Jet Orientation Course (MCC and JOC)

40 hours of Boeing 737 training device time

1 month in Västerås, Sweden


After completion of the MCC course the cadet will be a holder of a “Frozen” ATPL and is eligible to start their career with the major airlines.




The course fee is 839 000 SEK


Additional costs

Aptitude test

EASA Class 1 medical

Visa and TSA costs

CAA fees

Travel to and from USA

Health insurance

Living and food expenses


Enrollment requirements


Be at least 18 years old

Be able to obtain EASA Class 1 medical

Grades in English and Mathematics


Airlines look for pilots with a solid foundation coupled with a desire for hard work and high performance.  That is why graduates from our programs have an excellent track record of success when applying for airline hire. After the completion you are eligable to apply for jobs as a First Officer at airlines like Ryanair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, FlyBe and SAS.



Learn more about the program contents and timelines to completion.




Next Start Dates:

March 7, 2016

June 7, 2016


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An EASA ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) is the highest level of aircraft pilot license, required to command an EASA-aircraft. SAA International offers an ATPL distance theory course. It is planned as 9 months of full-time study, however, there is the possibility to extend the course duration if needed.


The distance course consists of 109 hours of instructor-led teaching in a classroom setting, in addition to Computer Based training (CBT) and home studies. During the course, you will have access to your instructor through our Distance Learning System (DLS). DLS is SAA’s own theory platform, and will guide you through the entire course.



EASA ATPL subjects are:

  • -  Air Law

  • -  Airframes, Systems, and Powerplants

  • -  Instrumentation

  • -  Mass and Balance

  • -  Performance

  • -  Flight Planning and Monitoring

  • -  Human Performance and Limitations

  • -  Meteorology

  • -  General Navigation

  • -  Radio Navigation

  • -  Operational Procedures

  • -  Principles of Flight

  • -  Communications


The course is divided into 3 phases. Each phase starts with an introduction week, followed by home studies through the DLS, and ends with a refresher week and exams. All lessons are held at SAA International in San Diego, California. 


Phase schedule:

  • -  Introduction week with instructor led classes (1 week)

  • -  Home studies, DLS and CBT (7-9 weeks)

  • -  Refresher week with instructor led classes (1 week)

  • -  Home studies for test preparations (1 week)

  • -  School tests and CAA exams (2 weeks)

  • -  The introduction and refresher week with the instructor led classes will be scheduled for 3-5 days, which sometimes may be on Saturdays and Sundays. The test weeks generally consist of 2-3 test days. One test per subject is included in the course tuitions fee. A detailed schedule is distributed to all students in the course through the DLS.


Distance Learning System – DLS

SAA’s Internet based education platform, DLS, will be an important part of your studies. Through the DLS, you can communicate with classmates and instructors, complete practice questions and assignments, write exams, and much more. As an SAA student, you will have access to a large number of practice questions and tests which will be continuously used in your weekly studies.


View our brochure for rates and pricing.



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Individual EASA Ratings

SAA is the leading provider of EASA-approved flight training the United States. Take advantage of the financial benefits of flight training in the United States, and earn your certificate here in sunny San Diego.




EASA Private Pilot Certificate

Standard Program



Resource                                     Hours

Cessna 172S                               45

Flight Instruction                       35

Pre/Post Flight Briefing            18

Individual Gnd. Instruction      23


Night (Optional)

Resource                                    Hours

Cessna 172S                              5

Flight Instruction                      4

Pre/Post Flight Briefing           3

Individual Gnd. Instruction     2



1. These hours are based on SAA's syllabus. Individual experiences will vary. All students must meet the minimum standards of the appropriate EASA test standards to be eligible to take the EASA skills test.
2. All prices are subject to change.
3. Training in addition to the package hours are billed at current SAA rates.

4. The package price quoted is for group theory training. Individual theory training available for additional fees upon request. 

Please view our brochure for rates and pricing.



Your journey begins with a single click.  Contact us today.

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