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Professional Pilot Program

Single and Multi-Engine



Our Professional Pilot Program (ProPP) will prepare you to be a commercial pilot capable of flying both single and multi-engine airplanes.




Your training will begin with a private pilot certificate, the foundation for the rest of your training. In this phase (Phase 1) you will learn how to fly the airplane competently and safely by yourself in day and night conditions.


After the private you will begin Phases 2 and 3, the instrument and commercial phases, concurrently. These phases will give you the skills that you need to fly in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), or “in the clouds.” Upon completion of the instrument and commercial phases of the training you will have a little more than 200 hours of flight time and you will be eligible to earn money as a commercial pilot in both single and multiengine airplanes.


Below is a break-down of the approximate hours of training that you will undergo for each phase of training. Individual experiences will vary. All students must meet the minimum standards of the appropriate FAA practical test standards (PTS) to be eligible to take the FAA practical test of each phase.





Private Pilot Certificate

Cessna 172 - 45 Hours

FTD* - 5 Hours

Flight Instruction - 40 Hours

Pre/Post Flight Briefing - 20 Hours

Individual Ground Instruction - 17

Ground School


Cessna 172 - 19 Hours

FTD* - 14 Hours

Flight Instruction - 38 Hours

Pre/Post Flight Briefing - 19 Hours

Individual Ground Instruction - 17 Hours

Ground School

Commercial Pilot Certificate

Cessna 172 - 74 Hours

Cessna172RG - 19 Hours

Duchess BE-76 - 16 Hours

FTD* - 11 Hours

Flight Instruction - 70 Hours

Pre/Post Flight Briefing - 35 Hours

Individual Ground Instruction - 21

Ground School

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Additional Expenses - All Students

Books and Materials


Ground School - Recommended but optional

Medical Examination

FAA Knowledge Test

Examiner Fee


Additional Expenses - International Students

I-20 Fees


TSA NATA Fingerprint Fee

TSA Applications

Health Insurance

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